Amazon Echo Flex - A Plug-in smart assistant launched in India for Rs.2,999

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Amazon is constantly refreshing it's Alexa enabled smart devices in India and recently they have launched the more affordable Echo flex - a plug in smart assistant. As the name suggests the device can be directly plugged in to the standard wall socket, thus making the device clutter free. Let's take a deeper look on the Amazon's latest offering.

Amazon Echo flex a plug-in device that can be used to control other supported smart devices like turning ON/OFF the lights, geysers and other echo devices etc with your voice commands. It can be connected with other standard speakers by bluetooth or using a aux cable. The new echo flex can be interconnected with other Echo speakers and it can be used to make announcements through it and you can also make hands-free calls to the Alexa app or another Echo. In addition to these features it can do all the existing stuffs that can be performed by Alexa like taking notes and can provide instant information, check weather or cricket score etc.

The device also comes with a standard usb type A charger which can be used to charge your smartphones. Don't expect any kind of fast charging it can charge your devices only at 7.5W

The device also has a micro speaker to respond to the user commands.

On the privacy front the device is equipped with built in multiple layers of privacy controls (not mention by amazon like what kind of protection), including a microphone off button that electronically disconnects the microphones. Alexa echo flex can now speak and recognize both English and Hindi.

Amazon echo flex is now available for pre-orders in for Rs.2,999 making it the cheapest echo device currently available. As an introductory offer Amazon in bundling a 9W Wipro smart bulb worth Rs.599. The shipping of the echo device will commence from 10th December whereas the smart bulb will be shipped immediately.

Note: You can purchase the echo dot by clicking the price of the device or the image. Make sure you select the bundled free bulb configuration to get the smart bulb for free. You can also purchase only the smart bulb by clicking the price of the bulb.

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