Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Imagine a day without headphones. You feel lost, you feel as if almost a part of you missing. Feels terrible right? My search for budget earphones ended with Ant Audio Thump 504. I have been extensively testing these earphones for over 5 days and now it’s time for the full review of Ant Audio’s budget earphones Thump 504 which has an affordable price tag of Rs.349.



These headphones are made of metal and it is sturdy. The cables doesn’t get tangled up easily as they are flat styled. The cable is sufficiently long and it has an inbuilt mic and controller for attending calls and for controlling music playback. As cost cutting measures, the 3.5 mm headphone jack is not angled and also it’s not gold plated , but the edge has a metal casing to prevent damage. Overall the build quality is good considering the price. The earphones comes with two pair of extra ear tips. The earphones feels slightly on the heavier side due to the metal build but one gets used to it after couple of days.

Playback controls

Press the controller once to attend or hang up a call and to play or pause music, twice to skip to next track, thrice to jump back to previous track (which didn’t work as described in my unit) and long press for 3 secs to trigger assistant.

Audio Quality

These earphones have a 10 mm driver and the sound quality is loud and good for the price. The bass is deep and can go upto 20 Hz and the notes are distinct containing good amount of details. Treble is good but not the best as it can go only upto 15000 Hz which is more than enough in my opinion. The mids and highs are distinct and well detailed. I tested this headphones with my Poco F1 and the audio was flat in default audio setting but when I tweaked it, the results were much better. So my suggestion is to tweak the audio profile in order to get better results. Noise isolation is satisfactory and there is slight distortion in audio above 90% of the max volume. The only drawback of these headphones is that it feels a bit uncomfortable after a prolonged use.


Considering the price, these earphones are bang for your buck and it comes with 12 months warranty, but I cannot comment on the reliability of the product as I have used only for a week. If you can shell out some extra amount you land up with Boat 225 earphones which is priced around Rs.500 and it’s review is coming out soon.

Purchase link

If you are interested in buying this product it is available in black, gold and white colours and I have left the purchase link below:

Ant Audio Thump 504

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