MI MIX ALPHA - an engineering marvel

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Back in 2015 when Samsung launched S6 edge it was the first curved display smartphones that were available at that time. Since then smartphone displays have evolved a lot and the recent trend now a days are full view displays with screen to body ratio upwards of 90% but if think full view displays are too mainstream for you Xiaomi has a device for you with an astonishing screen to body ratio of 180 percent. Yep you read it correctly, lets dive deep and find out what Xiaomi's Mi Mix Alpha has to offer.

Lets start with displays because it is Mi Mix Alpha's USP. Xiaomi is using a 4D surround display with screen to body ratio of 180.6% which covers all the four sides if the phone. The display of the phone is covered by sapphire glass to prevent it from scratches. For controlling the volume and power button Xiaomi has included a pressure sensitive side display like one found on Mate 30 pro. Xiaomi also managed to keep the top and bottom bezels at 2.15 mm.

“Mi Max alpha has a display that surround the whole body with a spectacular 180.6% of screen to body ratio with just a strip of metal running towards the camera to hold the cameras”

Enough of the displays, lets talk about other features of the device. Mi Mix Alpha is powered by Xiaomi's latest snapdragon 855+ with a whopping 12 gigs of ram and 512 gigs of UFS 3.0 storage. The phone carries a triple camera setup with primary snapper being Samsung 108 MP sensor, this is by the highest camera resolution ever found on a smartphone which is optically stabilized. The phone also includes 12 MP telephoto sensor which provides 2X optical zoom and a 20 MP wide angle sensor which is also capable of shooting macro photos in which camera can focus on subjects as close as 1.5cms. The strip that carries the camera setup is made of ceramic and the entire frame is made up of titanium.

Powering all the internals the smartphone is backed by a 4050 mAh battery with 40W fast charger. Mi Mix Alpha has one of the coolest charging animation you can ever find on a smartphone.

Mi Mix Alpha is currently a prototype device and its priced at a whopping 19999 yuan which equals to 2 lakhs in Indian rupees approximately. I think the price is somewhat justified by considering all the innovations that had gone into the device.

I personally think that Mi Mix Alpha is an engineering masterpiece but its definitely not a practical device. Knowing this fact even Xiaomi says the phone will be manufactured in limited quantity where the production will start at the end of this year. I appreciate Xiaomi for putting in a lot of efforts for building such a great device even when the industries biggies are afraid of and I am sure this will be future of smartphones.

(Image credits: Xiaomi)

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