Can Moto recreate the nostalgia with Moto Razr?

If you are born in the 90's there is a high chance that you would have experienced the nostalgic Moto Razr at least once, the mother of all folding phones. Moto Razr was a crowd puller at the time with its awesome folding design and the scintillating dual display. Due to these exotic features, Moto Razr was able to attract the masses without even sweating too much at that time. But I have no idea what ran in Moto's mind (then it was called Motorola), they decided to scrap the iconic folding Moto Razr in 2007, which left the mobile phone enthusiast in trauma. Let's forward to more than a decade when foldable smartphones were booming again and every smartphone brand tried their luck to create one. This was when Moto finally got a chance to resurrect their exemplary Moto Razr back to life once again. Let's see whether Moto was able to get the proportions right this time.

Display Let's start with the display since it is the head turner in the Moto Razr. The primary display in Moto Razr is a 6.2" P-OLED display. As we can know from the naming, the display is made up of plastic. Now let's talk about the positives of this display, the display here is fairly accurate and has decent color accuracy. That it the positives end here, the display is flimsy and so plasticky and felt so cheap. The secondary display is 2.7" G-OLED display, which can display notifications, you can also send quick replies and it can also be used as a camera viewfinder. The hinge felt fairly smooth but when the display is opened or closed, the primary display protrudes a bit in the center which questioned the reliability of the device but I had not encountered any kind of such issues with Samsung Z flip. The display grease seems normal as it is visible in every folding smartphone available in the market but sometimes it may be intrusive and can affect your experience. The device comes with a physical front-mounted fingerprint sensor.

Processor There is nothing to rave here. Moto Razr is powered by more than a year-old Snapdragon 710 SOC. Snapdragon 710 was a decent midrange processor which can still take care of your daily tasks easily for most of the time. The Adreno 616 GPU can provide you decent gaming performance but for the asking price by Moto, I expect a proper flagship-grade processor.

Moto Razr
Image courtesy: Flipkart

Camera Here comes another weak link in Moto Razr, the device boasts a 16 MP single primary shooter, yep there is nothing fancy here. I wish Moto could have at least added a wide-angle camera which has become a standard these days. The camera performance is mediocre and I am too generous in saying this too. The pictures lacked sharpness and even decent midrange smartphones can capture better images. The front camera is 5 MP snapper which is housed in a notch. The same points are applicable to the front camera too. You can also fold the smartphone to capture selfies using the primary shooter with the help of the secondary display, which acts as a camera viewfinder.

Battery The smartphone is powered by a substantially lower 2510 mAh battery backed by a mere 15W fast charger. According to me, the device can't even hold its breath for a full working day. The battery bulge at the front seems awkward but Moto might have done it intentionally to resemble the good old Razr of yesteryear. Software The disappointment streak continues here too. The device runs Android 9 Pie with just a few tweaks from Moto. The software is clean, bloat-free and fluid most of the time.

Box contents If I could point one area where Moto nailed perfectly, then that's in the packaging of the device. The device comes in a premium triangular-shaped box, which is seen now where before. Sliding the box out, we find the Moto Razr securely placed in with padded cushions on all sides. The accessories are neatly placed in a separate magnetic box that contains the type C cable, 15W power brick, type C to 3.5mm convertor and a premium pair of in-ear style earphones. Kudos to Moto for the packing and presentation of the smartphone. Verdict Moto Razr comes with a plastic body with an Aluminium frame holding it, which is unacceptable for its price and the device also comes only with e-sim support. Moto Razr is available in a single Noir black color option. Finally, Let's address the elephant in the room, Motor Razr is priced at Rs. 1,24,999 and it's up for preorders in online and offline retailers. Moto is also providing Rs.10000 cashback if purchased using Citi bank card and Moto is also bundling free 1 year of Jio services at no extra cost on purchasing this smartphone. Even after providing some great benefits, I find that Moto is asking too much for what it has to offer. Yes, I agree that the device brings the nostalgia back but this comes with an expensive price tag that is not justified properly. You can purchase the Moto Razr if you are a hardcore Moto fan who wants to experience their Razr or if you are searching for a good foldable smartphone, then you can consider Samsung's latest Z flip which is way ahead in every aspect.

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