Tricks and shortcuts you must know if you use VLC media player

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Vlc media player is most of us on the go default video player but it has lot of nifty features to explore in order to use it more effectively. In this blog I will explain you about the common features in Vlc player that were mostly went unnoticed.

While playing any video, if you press

A – Changes the aspect ratio of the video

B – Changes the audio track

C – Crops the video

D – Turns on/off deinterlacing

E – To move to next frame of the video

F – Enables fullscreen

G – Increases the rate at which subtite is displayed in ms

H – Delays the rate at which subtite is displayed in ms

I – Has no specific function

J – Increses the audio synchronization rate in ms

K – Delays the audio synchronization rate in ms

L – It is used to loop videos

M – Mutes audio

N – To move to next audio / video

O – Scales the video according to screen size

P – To move to previous audio / video

Q – Has no specific function

R – To enable/ disable random audio / video

S – To end the video / audio

T – Has no specific function

U – Has no specific function

V – To enable / disable subtitle track

W – To blank out the video ( plays only the audio )

X – To display program device ID

Y – Has no specific function

Z – To zoom video

These are the basic shortcuts that are available in Vlc media player.

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